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SFP01: Welcome & The 3 Big Things



We’re excited to announce the first ever episode of the ‘Sales for Profit’ Podcast. On this episode, you’ll meet Marketing Strategist JD (John Dwyer) and Digital Marketing Profit Strategist Greg Cassar.

You’ll experience why this Podcast is different with ‘Advanced Marketing and Business Strategy’ that is focused on driving More Sales’ and ultimately ‘More Profit and Cash’ for you the business owner.  The show’s two hosts have a healthy fun banter as they bounce of each other resulting in an entertaining fly on the wall type chat with a bit of a laugh that you will enjoy.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • A key strategic thinking question from Tony Robbins “If you couldn’t pass on any wealth to your next generation, but instead just key concepts or learning’s what would they be?”
  • JD Shares knowledge on his 3 Big Things:
    1. Create a ‘Wow Factor’ to get attention and take the focus off the price
    2. The Importance of the ‘Value Add’ rather than the ‘Discount’
    3. Repeat Customers, not one shot marketing and ‘love the customer you have’
  • Greg Shares knowledge on his 3 Big Things:
    1. Direct Response Marketing so your prospects know you, like you, trust you and want to do business with you
    2. Millionaire Mindset – the rich and the poor think differently and get different outcomes as a result
    3. Financial IQ – very rarely discussed but so important as this is how to run the business end of your business and drive profitability and more cash

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  • Thanks for sharing Greg and JD, an absolute pleasure to listen to you both, simple 3 BIG things, and mine would be 1. LISTEN and LEARN from Successful Entrepreneurs, 2. TAKE ACTION and implement something immediately into my business and 3. Strategy to follow up to accelerate significant measurable success! (If you do the same old, same old, you’ll get the same old, same old) Trace

    • Greg Cassar

      Great 3 Trace, really wise. Love how you mention measurable success, we believe track and measure and adjust accordingly is crucial to scaling anything great, cheers Greg

  • Excellent podcast! Love the first series. Really enjoy listening to you both – top of your fields! Looking forward to each episode.

    • Greg Cassar

      Thanks for your kind words Angela. Heaps more good stuff to come – plenty of business, marketing and sales stuff and a few laughs along the way

  • Tim Collett

    Great podcast John and Greg. Love the idea of finding wow for your business, and leaving the ‘sea of sameness’ behind. Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Greg Cassar

      Very cool Tim. JD is the master of that ‘taking the eye off the price’ and standing out from the crowd.