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SFP04: The Problem Solution Formula


Problem Solution

JD & Greg demystify the Problem Solution marketing formula. What it means; how many business owners are missing the mark when they are marketing their services & products; and how by simply tweaking the framework of the messaging they could generate more leads and increase their sales.

This is the simple marketing formula that infomercials, insurance companies and the big advertisers use but almost 95% of other business owners have no idea about it or don’t use it.

JD & Greg also dive into how they helped their clients to implement the same formula to create massive growth.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What exactly is problem solution marketing (emotional direct response marketing)?
  • The 5 step marketing formula:
    • Describe the problem
    • Aggravate the problem
    • Offer the solution
    • Provide proof of solution (testimonials)
    • Call to action
  • Case study #1 – How Greg worked with a neurosciences company to implement the problem/solution formula to revolutionise their business
  • Case study #2 – How JD turned around the business of a lady who helps children with dyslexia to generate leads and sales using the problem/solution approach
  • Why you should focus more on creating direct response problem/solution based advertising
  • Case study #3 – How JD combined a great marketing idea and the problem/solution formula to get the phones constantly ringing for Greater Building Society
  • Case study #4 – How travel agents and travel booking companies use problem/solution formula
  • The three questions Greg asks his customers to help figure out their problems and potential solutions
  • For further examples on problem/solution marketing have a look at the insurance industry and obviously JD and Greg’s websites.

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