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SFP 27: New Year, New You (Part 2)


New Year New You Part 2

Welcome back to another episode of the Sales for Profit Podcast and this one’s the second half of the two part series, New Year, New You! If you missed the first episode, go ahead and listen to that first and then come back to this one. These remaining three points (from our six point series) will help you understand your business a lot better. They are also some of the most common mistakes businesses and marketers make. So if you want to avoid these mistakes and start a path to more earnings this year, then you don’t want to miss this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What’s going on with our hosts recently
  • ‘Unique-ability,’ focusing on what you are good at
  • Fourth Point – Square Pegs and Round Holes
  • Hiring slow and firing fast
  • The creative ‘Chameleons’
  • Fifth Point – Remove the emotion out of it
  • Thoughts on how emotion could be detrimental
  • Sixth Point – Behaving like a challenger brand
  • What is a challenger brand?
  • You got to be different as a brand
  • Things to consider if you are a challenger brand
  • Recap of the six points of New Year, New You

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 Quotes from the episode:

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