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SFP Ep 31 – Get Out Of Your Day Job Part 2


Get Out Of Your Day Job (Part 2)

In part two of How To Get Out Of Your Day Job, we discuss in depth the 15 key learnings we’ve experienced throughout our journeys. It’s so important to know our common mistakes and then learn how to avoid them in the future. What’s cool about this is that we’re sharing our mistakes with you so you can avoid them too! Don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Discover Our 15 Key Learnings:

  • Think about the market, not the product
  • Always be Building the List
  • Acquire Customers at Speed
  • Create Valuable ‘Helpful’ Media
  • Build a ‘Brand’ – not just ‘Build a Site That Ranks for Stuff We Can Sell’
  • Have to Hustle
  • Price Point Matters
  • Have a Value Ladder
  • Focus on 3 Machines
  • Be Resilient
  • Have Multiple Touches
    – The Magic Wand Technique
  • Have ‘Strategy’ not ‘Tactics’
  • Build ‘Coolness’ Factor
  • Profit Wedge
  • Energy Units

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 Quotes from the episode:

“What you measure is what you can manage.” #salesforprofit Click To Tweet “Just be willing to do what others won’t do to get results that others won’t get.” #salesforprofit Click To Tweet “Will you choose life or will you settle for it?” #salesforprofit Click To Tweet

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