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SFP Ep 32 – What Would Disney Do Differently If They Ran Your Business Part 1


What Would Disney Do Differently If They Ran Your Business Part 1

What Do Businesses Need To Create A Magical Experience?
In this two-part episode, John Formica, The Ex-Disney Guy, will talk about tricks on delivering magical and extraordinary experiences to customers. He will also share how Disney creates a magical dream. Don’t miss this episode on how you can find the right people for your business and create the right atmosphere to keep them.

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Disney’s extraordinary knockout customer experiences
  • Hiring the right people
  • Disney fills roles, not positions
  • They hire right, train right, and treat people right
  • Putting into practice the philosophy of Disney
  • Making people know the purpose of why they are being hired
  • Traditions training
  • Hiring the right people for the right job

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 Quotes from the episode:

Sometimes, good is the evil of being great. #salesforprofit Click To Tweet They do because they want to, not because they have to. #salesforprofit Click To Tweet The magic begins with people. Click To Tweet Great people are out there. We just need to find them. #salesforprofit Click To Tweet

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