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SFP Ep 38 – What’s Working with Facebook Ads


What’s Working with Facebook Ads

What works and what doesn’t in the online world? A question Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners often find themselves asking right? In this episode, JD and Greg discuss about how business owners should take advantage of Facebook Advertising. They discuss how to use Facebook Ads in their many forms, plus tips on which Facebook Ads to use that will get you the attention and conversions you’re chasing. Don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What the hosts have been up to
  • Talking about foot golf
  • How should you use Facebook as a business owner and how it should work for you
  • How effective it is to advertise in Facebook
  • Using Facebook as a means for building authority and creating value
  • Conversion rate on different devices
  • The importance of setting up Remarketing
  • Delivering marketing message in Facebook
  • Why some business owners are not making money on Facebook
  • Examples of effective Facebook campaign
  • Why shorter videos and with square format are effective Facebook Ads
  • Visual stories as effective Facebook Ads
  • Getting the attention of people while scrolling their newsfeed
  • Percentage of people watching vs listening videos
  • Instagram as another medium
  • Starting of by leading with a value

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 Quotes from the episode:

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