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SFP Ep 39 – Millionaire Mindset


Millionaire Mindset

Are you programmed to be rich in your life? In this episode, JD and Greg discuss about the The 15 Must-Know Differences Between The Rich and The Poor handwritten report. The report goes into detail about how the rich thinks and behave and compares that to the poor-man mindset.  Do you want to know how to ensure that you are on the path to be rich? Learn just how different the mindsets are between the rich and the poor, discover what path you are currently on and take note of the right mindset that will get on the path to thinking rich. Don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What’s going on with them recently
  • Discussion about thinking and behaving like the rich
  • How programming leads your thoughts and feelings
  • The crowd you hang with matters
  • Meeting people that drain you
  • Having the right mindset
  • Differences between how the rich and the poor think:
    • The rich like to hangout with people who say “Why not”.
    • The rich often get paid on results value while the poor on the number of hours they worked.
    • The poor do the work and then get paid while the rich get paid and then do the work.
    • The poor earns, spend, saves and then invests what’s left while the rich earns, saves, invests and then spends what’s left.
    • The rich tends to look at mindset as crucial to success unlike the poor.
    • The poor are saying “I don’t like selling” while the rich are thinking that nothing happens until the sell has been made.

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