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SFP Ep 40 – Launching and Scaling on Amazon with Kiri Masters


Launching and Scaling on Amazon with Kiri Masters

Learn how to be successful with Amazon! In this episode, JD and Greg interview Kiri Masters, an Amazon marketing expert, on how Amazon can help businesses on their sales. She shares some hard facts about Amazon and tips on marketing that you need to know. Don’t miss this episode!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • Who Kiri Masters is
  • Kiri’s story and how she ended up in U.S
  • How Kiri grew the business from one person to twenty people
  • The success of the Amazon Prime Program
  • The impact of Amazon coming to Australia and to Australian businesses, retailers and opportunities
  • How Amazon are making things easy by handling import requirements and other fulfillments requirements
  • Why Amazon is catalogue-driven
  • Kiri’s thoughts about selling your own brand vs being a distributor of someone else’s
  • How to get sales velocity
  • How to get your product/s to gain momentum fast
  • How product bundling works
  • The main key to scaling seven figures and beyond
  • How Bobsled Marketing works with businesses

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 Quotes from the episode:

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  • Kiri Masters

    Thanks for having me on the show, Greg and JD! :)