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SFP Ep 30 – Get Out Of Your Day Job Part 1


Get Out Of Your Day Job (Part 1)

Are you happy with your current job situation? Or do you want to change it? In this two-part episode, you will learn strategies and tactics on how to put a plan together and get out of your day job to create the lifestyle you want and deserve. We talk about accelerating where you are right now and learning a better business model. Don’t miss this episodes about knowing your “Why” and changing your situation!

In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How the host plan his day
  • Digital Marketing works
  • Different Job experiences
  • What you don’t like of your current job or current situation?
  • What’s your Why?
  • What you need to focus on?
  • How sales and marketing help your job
  • Changing your situation
  • Four Main Models for getting money
  • Five Main Business Model Options

Links & Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

 Quotes from the episode:

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