SFP 22: Remarketing

If you’re one to think that once a customer says no or leaves the site, they’re gone and unlikely to return, you might want to reconsider. Get to know remarketing and how it can … Read More...


SFP21: Branding

From the colour of paint on the walls in your house to the car you are driving, branding is vital in your personal life and in business life. Today, join Greg and John as … Read More...

Webinar Funnels Money Machines part 2

SFP20: Webinar Funnels Money Machines Part 2

On our last podcast SFP19: Webinar Funnel Money Machines Part 1, Greg and JD went through a huge list of  lessons and learnings they've discovered when it comes to webinars. In … Read More...

Webinar Funnels Money Machines Part 1

SFP19: Webinar Funnel Money Machines Part 1

Webinar are used by countless marketers to get leads and to sell their products or services. In this episode, JD and Greg talk about webinar funnels and about how it could become a … Read More...

Creating more fun in your business

SFP18: Creating more Fun in your Business

If you’re struggling to build a great team for your business, then this episode is for you. In today’s special episode, JD and Greg chat to Franziska Iseli who is a big advocate of … Read More...

SFP 17 The Power Of Testimonials

SFP17: The Power of Testimonials

When it comes to online marketing, one of the most effective ways to gain clients is through video testimonials. In this episode, JD shares his coveted techniques in making video … Read More...

Making Money With Product Launches

SFP16: Making Money With Product Launches

JD is sipping mojitos on the beach so to fill in for him, Greg has brought in a great copywriter, direct response marketer and product launch expert Scott Bywater. Scott helps … Read More...

SFP15 Success Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur with Neil Patel

SFP15: Success Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur with Neil Patel

In this episode Greg shares with you an interview he had with the very successful, very smart Mr Neil Patel. Below is a shortened transcript of the interview. Also check out the … Read More...

The Power Of Events

SFP14: The Power Of Events

When it comes to offline marketing methods, there are very few that have the power of events. In this episode JD and Greg go through the benefits that events bring to your business … Read More...

SFP 13 Lessons Learned

SFP13: Lessons Learned

If you have been in business as long as Greg and JD have, you tend to pick a few things along the road. In this episode they share their top three lessons learnt along the way and … Read More...

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