SFP 17 The Power Of Testimonials

SFP17: The Power of Testimonials

When it comes to online marketing, one of the most effective ways to gain clients is through video testimonials. In this episode, JD shares his coveted techniques in making video … Read More...

Making Money With Product Launches

SFP16: Making Money With Product Launches

JD is sipping mojitos on the beach so to fill in for him, Greg has brought in a great copywriter, direct response marketer and product launch expert Scott Bywater. Scott helps … Read More...

SFP15 Success Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur with Neil Patel

SFP15: Success Secrets Of A Serial Entrepreneur with Neil Patel

In this episode Greg shares with you an interview he had with the very successful, very smart Mr Neil Patel. Below is a shortened transcript of the interview. Also check out the … Read More...

The Power Of Events

SFP14: The Power Of Events

When it comes to offline marketing methods, there are very few that have the power of events. In this episode JD and Greg go through the benefits that events bring to your business … Read More...

SFP 13 Lessons Learned

SFP13: Lessons Learned

If you have been in business as long as Greg and JD have, you tend to pick a few things along the road. In this episode they share their top three lessons learnt along the way and … Read More...

Offline Tactics

SFP12: Offline Tactics

When it comes to your marketing efforts, it is best not to put all your eggs in one basket. In this episode Greg and JD not only explain why (their answer might surprise you) but … Read More...

Facebook Video Ads

SFP11: Facebook Video View Ads

Are you looking to get your message out to your target audience? Do You Want to increase your brand recognition? Generate more leads and sales? If you answered yes to one or more … Read More...

If Disney Ran Your Business

SFP10: What If Disney Ran Your Business?

How Would Your Business Be Different If Disney Ran It? Listen to this podcast episode and find out... In this episode Greg and JD go through what would happen if Disney ran your … Read More...

Getting Stuff Done

SFP09: Getting Stuff Done

Struggling with getting stuff done, then this the episode for you. In this episode Greg and JD go through all the tricks in the book from the mindset around learning, the … Read More...

Branding & Direct Response

SFP08: Branding & Direct Response

Ever wondered what you should be focusing on to grow your business, Branding or Direct Response? Then don't worry any more, in this episode Greg Cassar and John Dwyer get into the … Read More...

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